This site is about You! About You and how you gain as a member of CIRATalk.Ca. Membership is Free, and we don't even say that and then charge you part of your rights to privacy like most websites do. At CiraTalk.Ca, your privacy is assured.

CiraTalk is about Canadians that rent their domain name from a registrar and are responsible to CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registry Authority.

Be it known that:

  1. All registered members if CIRA may access the CIRA Membership List. (as of November 1, 2020) 

  2. CiraTalk.Ca is not affiliated with CIRA in any way. For all CIRA related issues or questions, contact CIRA.CA

  3. CiraTalk.Ca is about CIRA, the Canadian Internet system as it is, those that manage the Canadian part of the Word Wide Web, and the future of any need of CIRA verses government managed i.e.,

    • has the Canadian Internet grown too big for CIRA to manage?

    • should a private not-for-profit profiting organization be in control of our Internet.

    • should CIRA be reorganized, transparent, made accountable to the membership

    • should CIRA goals be pared back from International down to Canadians only

    • should the millions being held in the bank be used to by Canadians only.

  4. About You and is your domain protecting your visitors from Stalkers

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